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Forbidden Love

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Welcome to AxelxRiku! This is a community for the Kingdom Hearts II pairing of Axel and Riku.


1. Be nice. No flaming or dissing somebody elses's fanfiction/artwork/etc. Do that, and you'll be banned.
2. All submissions must be related to either Kingdom Hearts or Axel/Riku. Same kind of goes for advertising.
3. IF YOUR SUBMISSION INCLUDES SPOILERS FOR KH2, PLEASE MARK IT CLEARLY AS SUCH. In other words, uppercase red letters screaming "SPOILERS!!" are a good thing, as long as they aren't a riduclous size. Break this rule, and you'll be banned.
4. Requests are accepted, of course.
5. Please put all submissions under an LJ cut. It's no big deal if you forget an LJ cut, either. If you do, a mod'll probably put one there for you if you take too long, and then remind you to read the rules, or something.
6. Not exactly a rule, but bashing characters isn't encouraged in the slightest. It hurts everyone (except, y'know, the other people who hate said character just as much as you do). Nobody's going to attack you if you do, but still.
7. Last, but not least, have fun. :D


Owner: chantal_lewis
Mod(s): talim


If need be, contact me:

Yahoo: crystal_2201_2009 at yahoo dot com
MSN: juniorgirlscout at hotmail dot com

Or one of the mods, if need be.


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If you have a KH/FF/Disney-related community, and would like to affiliate, just contact me at my Yahoo or MSN.